Interview With Fill Spectre and His New Label ‘Discowreckords’

‘Discowreckords’, a name I think we all will come to know. It is a fresh new label from Montreal’s Frederick aka Fill Spectre. I took some to talk with him about his label and his plans. Read our discussion below…

Mikael: What was the driving force behind the creation of ‘Discowreckords’?

Frederick: ‘Discowreckords’ is about sweat, moves and bangers. I really want to bring back that party vibe in the dance without sacrificing too much of what made Dubstep what it was. The main force of this label is to put out tracks that don’t sound like what is out there right now.

We are generally looking at 4×4, acid, fast, hi-energy and deadly sound design. This is what I am into in the first place. Point be made, the music and genre of ‘Discowreckords’ won’t be about having a drink in your hand and laying back.

M: So with Dungeon and minimal sub-genres, do you think Dubstep lost something?

F: I wouldn’t say so. It made place for artists like Kahn circa 2010-2011. I think what they were making back then was refreshing but it never clicked with me. With Dungeon it was never my thing to begin with.

It goes without saying that a minimal approach can be impactful on the dance floor. Tunes like ‘Dick Tracy’ by Kahn & Neek are very minimal and it’s a great tune that I will always play. ’40hz’ by Distinct Motive is super minimal and it’s getting a lot of recognition recently.

Anyhow, I prefer tracks like ‘Airbreaker’ by Goth-Trad. I am more in line with that. So to answer your question; I personally think that no, Dubstep didn’t lose anything with the minimal movement, but I won’t say that it gained a lot from it.

M: You pointed out that sound design was an important factor in your label. Could you explain what that is to people who wouldn’t know and why its important?

F: Well, sound design from an outsiders’ perspective is anything created from start to finish. An example of this could be Amon Tobin. That guy is a legend. For someone who started his career by sampling every nook and cranny he would get his hands one, he approached music with other people’s music and acquired it for himself, by making new stuff from already existing stuff. Now that may not sound like a lot but here goes the analogy.

You open a synth and load a basic preset that someone made in your sound bank. You have all the right in the world to use as it is, right? What if you were to change that preset or start from basic and BUILD the sound you hear in your head.

It’s a bit if not all that Amon Tobin is doing. He records real life samples, goes out there. Mic shit. Put it back in his sampler until it becomes a new sound.

This is my take on sound design. Granular synthesis. FM moding. Spectral shaping. Spectral morphing is a cool thing also, it’s sort of like FM synthesis (frequency modulation) but with samples. What it implies is you get a carrier and a carried. The first one modulates the 2nd sound giving it a new life. I don’t know if any of this makes senses to reader but it’s as easy as I can explain it.

F: Of course! First off we got one of my friend from Montreal, LivingStone. Some of you may know him from the ‘General Masta EP’ on GourmetBeats. LivingStone has a very unique and different approach to music that I will never understand. That guy simply does things that no one does idea-wise and musically. He is just on a different level and brings something real fresh to Discowreckords.

He once hosted Mala to his apartment about 3-4 years ago and made him listen to ‘Run Down’. From what he told me Mala rewinded the track about 8 times to re-listen to it. It’s a pretty hard track with a percussive approach mixing elements of acid near the end of it that gets to me every time.

Second, we got Boneless, another Canadian fellow based in Calgary. Boneless is fairly new to the scene and he has just started to get the attention he deserves. ‘Sound the Alarm’ is a crazy mid synth roller with a reverbed snare on top. ‘Pressure Pop’ the B side though. Just wait for that one!

Third up is Repulsion from Oklahoma, USA. The dude is young but is very prolific. He always experiments and is quite versatile in any genre. He has been getting attention in the lo-fi scene lately with some tune playing on a radio show in Cali iirc. Anyhow, Repulsion has it all. Wooblers, Stompers, Rollers, Deeper stuff and Kraft Dinner.

So far these are the artist I want to push. They are all new, except for LivingStone. I might release as 004 but it’s still too far to tell.

M: I personally haven’t heard alot from Living Stone nor boneless. It’s awesome to see you pushing artist that wouldn’t be getting exposure otherwise. I’ll be sure to check them out. I love what I’m hearing about this label, sounds like were going to be getting a lot of original raw sounds soon, something I personally think Dubstep needs.

Another awesome part about the label is the logo, could you tell us a bit about that?

F: Yeah man, I am thinking the same to be honest. We need more labels like Encrypted Audio. I miss the early days of Hotflush as well, artists like Toasty, where are they?

About the logo I contacted Ben Ladieu known for his works with Trusik. I told him I wanted something that looks like a Mortal Kombat Fatality. I told him I wanted a head split-open by a vinyl. He made me some crazy sketches and we went from there.

M: Encrypted Audio is a class act that definitely keeps to their sound. Certainly, a label anyone should look up. Ben for sure hit the nail on the head with what you were going for. With a nasty logo like this are you planning on expanding into anything beyond just music?

F: Well, one thing I am for sure excited about is merch. I love owning t-shirts that are limited or unique. We will be hosting a website with news for all our artists and have things shared on there. Biographies, downloads and promotional related bits.

M: there anything else you would like to say? Any releases you or anyone you know coming up that you want to hype?

F: Yes, sir! Watch out for LivingStone vinyl release early 2017! Thanks a lot for the interview!