Introducing: Basscake

Cheryl Jeffries AKA Basscake first caught my attention through her online live streams, mixing drum and bass in her home studio, I have been following her movements since. She is a member of the Drum and Bass Express Girls collective and has played at Gibraltar Music Festival,  I wanted to ask her a bit about how she got to where she is today.


Gabby: How did you first get into DJing?

Cheryl: I have always been very passionate about music as music something I have been nurtured with. DJing came about when I was 18 as my parents bought me a pair of turntables as a gift for my birthday! However I never really played infront of a real crowd till 2014.


G: What made you go for DNB, was that what you first started with?

C: Music has always been a huge part of me…. Seriously I get bored without listening to music haha. I pretty much listen to all sorts, however, broken beats really do it for me! As a teenager I used to listen to a lot of breakbeat music. A few friends introduced me to Drum and Bass music and that was when I asked myself where DNB had been all my life. I felt like there was an instant connection and I just loved it!


G: How did you meet your partner who is also a dnb DJ?

C: We both had a good friend in common so I met Alex in Gibraltar one National day.  National day commemorates Gibraltar’s first sovereignty referendum of 1967, in which Gibraltarian voters were asked whether they wished to either pass under Spanish sovereignty, or remain under British sovereignty, with institutions of self-government, to which they voted to remain British. National Day is the 10th September and it is a very special day for us Gibraltarians, we dress in red and white our national colours and get wasted basically! Haha


G: What’s been your favourite set so far?

C: I really cant pick a favourite as I have always enjoyed myself. However, there is one special moment that I will never forget and that was in Toulouse, at Le Rex Club for our Drum and Bass Express Girls collective launch.


G: Can you tell me a bit about the Drum and Bass Express Girls collective and how it started?

C: Drum and Bass Express Girls first started only a year ago.  This came about thanks to Tom from Drum and Bass Express and my sister Hollie (Kisscut).  I was approached by Hollie and she asked whether I wanted to form part of this new project. I obviously agreed to this and so did all my beautiful talented girls who are Laydee Virus, Miss Leia, Kan Jacca, Lady Nikki,  Bassline Beanie, Bonnie Blaze,  Enfuza (Our Angel always), Hollie (Kisscut) and myself (BassCake).


G: How do you manage balancing life as a nurse and DJ?

C: I have been doing a BSc in Adult Nursing for the past three years and this has been the time when I have had most promoters approaching me. Its can be quite hard to balance working long shifts with daily life. I usually tend to find time to play some music and find music either when I am off work or have nothing else to do (which has been very rare throughout these past three years). Music is my therapy so I ALWAYS  have to find time for it, I wouldn’t be able to cope with daily stress otherwise.

G: Do you have any comments on female DJs in the music industry?

C: There are many things you hear people say about female DJs. I am just going to keep this very short and simple by saying that I love being able to play alongside other females (especially my dnbe girls) and love seeing other females produce and play!!


G: What bookings have you got lined up this year?

C: I have a few coming up this summer!  One of the ones I am mostly looking forward to is playing at a wedding  (the couple are true heads and front row crew at my sets)!

There will also be a Underground Female Collective night at Bahia Limon Chiringuito (Spain) in July. This is another collective I am part of and I will be playing alongside Arya and Eutronika!

On the 5th August, I will be playing at the annual Gibraltar Electronic Music Festival. I have played at this festival every year and this is their fourth year already! Seriously these guys are stepping up their game big time! This is always one of my favourite places to play. Sooo many vibes especially at home!

MTV approached me and invited me to play at a Ministry of Sound night in Gibraltar 1st September! This is going to be vibes and jokes!  The day after I will be travelling to Alora in Malaga (Spain) to play at Bass Jam! My sister Kisscut has also be invited to come over and play at this!

To finish of the summer, ill be at Bass Music Terminal Anniversary in Malaga (Spain) to play alongside some fiiiiine artists. Only Levela and myself  have been confirmed so far!  I do have some other things going on but these have been confirmed officially.


G: Which DnB artists are you rating right now?

C: My list is endless seriously, but right now I am really loving Wingz, Bredren, Ill Truth, Sustance, Arkaik, Subtle Element, Ewol, Data 3, Nausika and M Zine and Scepticz.


Be sure to follow Basscake on Soundcloud and Facebook, and you can check out her most recent mix with the DNBE girls here: