Introducing Canopus Records

Since establishing in summer last year, Canopus Records has gathered a lot of attention online and has worked with a wide range of producers. So, we’re going to be keeping everyone up to date on our movements with the help of White Label Magazine.

The Cosmos had the idea to start a label and got to work finding like-minded producers to get on board in his hometown of Nottingham. He put forward the idea to Sensi and they got to work getting a logo designed through graphics designer James Woodward and setting up the online social media pages.

The first official release was The Cosmos – Bake Off, which you can check out below. Their first submission came from Aztek, a Sheffield based producer. He was also invited to be part of running the label, by scouting out more up and coming producers from Sheffield. As word of the label grew, Sheffield based DJ Tino got to work promoting the tunes on UK Mondo Radio, and eventually was also brought on board the team.

Submissions started flooding in, we started posting one track a week online to provide a platform for up and coming bedroom producers to get their sound heard, but soon so many submissions were coming in that we decided to start stocking them up ready to release a free 20 track EP which will be coming out in the next few weeks.

Be sure to check out our stuff on SoundCloud! If you fancy copping any Canopus merch tees, give our Facebook or Insta a message and we can sort you out. We will be posting tracks, release info, the link to the free EP, event dates all of that on White Label Magazine regularly, so keep locked for updates!

Big ups!