Introducing: Khiva

I got given the chance to have a chat with the deep, dark dubstep gal Khiva. This girl has started to take the underground Dubstep scene by storm, with a regular set on Subtle FM and some great releases this girl isn’t one to miss out on.

Hannah: To start off why not tell us a bit about yourself. Where were you born and raised and what sort of music scene is out there?

Khiva: I was born on the East Coast of Canada, lived there for a bit when I was young and then we moved out West. I’ve moved quite a bit, so I don’t necessarily have a ‘hometown’ but I consider myself from Victoria BC since I pretty much grew up there. Back in those days I was involved in the metal scene and when I tried to find more electronic/bassy things going on it seemed pretty sparse but I really think it’s changed since then. I can probably relate most to the bass music scene in Calgary, AB, as I have a lot of good friends out there and it is definitely up on the charts as far as this kind of sound goes. I’d say on top of Denver (as far as North America goes), Calgary really has it going on, proper sound systems, dope artists always going through, lots of talent and a strong passion for the music.

H: I wanted to know a little bit more about your production, when did you start? Was this before you started DJing?

K: In the end of 2014. After years of writing songs, but not knowing necessarily where to take them next, making my first ‘sounds’ on a DAW was SO AMAZING. I was like, YES, FINALLY. The learning curve when starting from scratch with something like that is so intense that fortunately along with the frustration comes massive reward. What blows me away every day is how much there is to learn and that it is an ever changing journey inside and outside the studio. Production for me has felt similar to my yogic practices, completely life changing and ever expanding. I didn’t start DJing until I realized at some point I would need an outlet for my music, so it was a natural progression and then I got hooked of course. DJing is one of those mediums that is not only insanely fun but teaches you in so many different ways. It’s definitely helped my production and musicianship heaps.

H: I couldn’t agree more about DJing helping you as an artist, I found my production got so much better when I started to DJ. You start to understand how the song is going to be played a lot more! What initially triggered your interest in Dubstep?

K: I first started listening to Dubstep after hearing a lot of other styles of electronic music around me and slowing filtering down to what really caught my attention. That was mainly through YouTube research where I found out about guys like J:Kenzo and Kromestar and I was like woah. The same kind of process just picked up speed from there once I could actually identify what I liked. Not too long after, I met some of my now closest friends who were super passionate and really opened my eyes to a lot of stuff, they actually introduced me to some of my favorite artists.

H: That’s really cool that you have a great group of friends that love the same style of music. As a female in such a predominately male scene can effect the way your music has been perceived?

K: Things are undeniably a little different, and the main ‘concern’ I think is being taken seriously and not having unnecessary assumptions thrown onto stuff, but there’s not much point giving it too much thought to be honest. You do what you do and at the end of the day, hopefully, your work and the way you conduct it speaks for itself, as with anything.

H: Couldn’t agree more! Now back to music haha! Do you have a favourite label?

K: Well I can’t deny my support and love for Deep Dark and Dangerous, and I really do truly believe in it as a label and movement. Uprise Audio has become one of my favourites as the music coming from them is just so on point. Also, Version Collective has really carved itself out a nice little space in my feelings.

H: and an artist?

K: Feonix kills it every time, and I am really loving the sounds of Sepia at the moment, just to name a couple.

H: You’ve chosen some brilliant artists and labels but if you had to choose a non-musical inspiration what/who would it be?

K: Oh man. Clouds. I don’t know what it is about them, but they open up something deep. That and the smell of the air, wind, travel etc. Musically, it comes from everywhere, and it often tends to have something to do with other cultures and worldly sounds.

H: That’s a really interesting way of looking at things. I would like to know what are some values/morals you strongly believe musically?

K: That’s a good one. I fully believe that no matter what you are doing, whatever your art, as long as you know that your heart is in it, you’re on the right track. Our love for music as sentient beings isn’t something that we can logically describe, it is something you feel, and only you know within yourself what feels right. Sure there are guidelines to anything, but it’s dangerous to get caught up in something like that so much that we can’t see the truth anymore, or forget why we are doing it. And I think that applies to life in general. Music is our bridge, our connector and our language.

H: You’re outlook on life is so positive! Its great! I love hearing this its very refreshing, okay only a few more questions! Have you got a favorite festival? or have you been to any great events recently? Deep Medi 10 has set the bar pretty high for us!

K: Outlook absolutely smashed it for me this year. It just ticks all the boxes, music, location, vibe. Couldn’t ask for much more!

H: and lastly, any projects coming up?

K: At this point I can only disclose that I am VERY excited about what the future holds and can’t wait to share… Other than that, playing monthly on Subtle FM is always such a treat, keeping me pumped on finding new music and allowing me to test out new material. 🙂 Stay tuned!

H: That’s brilliant! Thank you so much for speaking with me, you can connect with Khiva through the social media’s below!

Khiva’s Facebook                               Khiva’s SoundCloud                               Khiva’s Instagram