Khiva X m4xw311 – In Time (WLMFREE002)

It gives me great pleasure to announce our second White Label Magazine Free release.

This time round we are joined by the amazing duo Khiva & m4xw311. The two track release featuring ‘In Time’ and ‘Wormhole’ available exclusively on White Label Magazines Bandcamp from October 17th!

This is what Khiva and m4xw311 had to say about their release.

“Humanity has trapped itself in a repeating cycle due to the misperception that the world is a place of light vs. dark. This duality creates crisis because we live in singularity. Problems only arise when we ignore this fact. If we pretend there is only light and no darkness we can be consumed by our shadows just as easily.

Recognizing and allowing these contrasts releases resistance and the limiting ideas that come with the repetitious favoring and aversion of an illusory separation. Introspectively and sonically, these tunes explore both the light and the dark in an effort to create a wormhole that breaks the loop, helping to restore balance and harmony between what is seemingly divergent..’

You can preview the release here.