Review of SUBAF003 and Q&A With Label Owner

Sub Audio Records has only been running since August but has already seen an array of great releases. The latest EP to be release is by Linguist for free download, catalogued SUBAF003. The EP provides two tracks that have been heavily influence by ‘oldschool’ Dubstep.

‘Wardance’ starts with a eerie pad, acquiring the listeners attention. This then builds into a hard hitting dance floor dominator.

‘Hypnosis’ has more of a meditative feel to it, the rolling sub keeping you immersed in the beat.

Get SUBAF003 for free here!

Q&A with Label Owner Georg

I got the chance to sit down and get to know label owner Georg a little better, here is some of what we spoke about.

Q. To start off why not tell us a bit about yourself. Where were you born and raised

A. I’ve had more or less a rural upbringing in Austria. The only prevalent local music scenes were not at all catering to my taste of music, that’s one of the major reasons as to why I moved to Vienna, the largest centre of underground music in this small country.

Q. What were your inspirations when starting Sub Audio Records?

A. Believing there is a gap to be filled in the Austrian landscape of electronic bass music. There were just a select few record labels really pushing the sound within and beyond borders, so it felt like a natural decision to create a channel for all the talent I was experiencing in Vienna. Partially, because I was dead set on releasing a vinyl record and this turned out to be the way to do it. Also thanks to a thriving Viennese Dubstep scene, for which the Dubstep & sound system collective Basstrace is largely to thank for.

Q.What can we expect in the following months from the label?

A. SUBA002! The next 12” vinyl release is in its final stages of preparation. All I want to say for now is, that I’m incredibly excited to release the work of two outstanding, collaborating artists. The only hint being, that it’ll be the first international release from Sub Audio. Also, the 6-track digital remix EP of SUBA001 (Gnischrew – Transmission Failure / Fluid Foundation) is due to be released in January with special guests being DubApe & Dubblestandart.

Q. Proudest moment to date, musically or personally?

A. Hard to pin-point, though the release of my debut vinyl, as well as seeing my humble imprint taking off are very high up on the list. Without the support and collaborative effort of a lot of talented and all around nice people I’m working with, all of this wouldn’t have been possible.

Q. When did you start producing?

A. Though I’ve had music ingrained by my father’s intense Hi-Fi passion from an early age, I’ve only started to really get into music production in around 2011-2012 after I took up playing guitar for some years, and having studied musicology for some theoretical background.

Q. Favourite artist at the moment?

A. Can’t tell you, otherwise I’d be revealing who’s on SUBA002.