Raptix – SUBAF002 EP

Sub Audio Records based in Vienna, Austria released their second EP titled SUBAF002 from local producer Raptix. This EP is comprised of two tracks titled Sanskrit and Murderation Dub. Both tunes are heavily Dub/Reggae influenced and are equally balanced. Each includes catchy hooks and satisfying drum work that grabs your attention immediately and gets you vibing all the way through.

‘Sanskrit’ starts off with an eerie flute hook that entices you and then comes in with a heavy bassline that will for sure get your head nodding. The distorted horns and eerie flutes play well with each other as well as the woodwind undertones that are laid throughout the entire track. Key features that make this tune catchy are the rumbling bassline and rustic snares. I very much enjoyed this tune all together and am sure it will set things off when it’s dropped.

‘Murderation Dub’ starts off with a stunning long tailed reverbed echo sound that is backed with a catchy hook that starts out subtle and gains momentum that instantly pulls you in with its dub influenced vibe. The first drop instantly displays very well done drum work with its prominent high hats, snares and backed with percs that help bring this tune to life.

This release available free through Sub Audio Records Bandcamp. Click here to get yours!


Review: Raptix - SUBAF002 EP
I would rate this release a 7 out of 10. I feel that this release from Raptix on Sub Audio Records is very well put together and I would recommend grabbing a copy!
7Overall Score