Review: Spec -‘I Feel Sick EP’ from Uprise Audio

I had many speculations going into the listening of this of this specimen of an album and I must say its quite the spectacle. I’m quite happy to have been given the chance to inspect Spec’s latest EP “I Feel Sick”. Quite the spectacular release from start to finish. Each of the three tracks flex’s a spectrum of dub that the man is capable of reaching into!

Quite special when a producer can not just make dance music, but specializes it in a way that takes it beyond the dance. I feel like the spectator of a good film listening to these tracks. Allow me to specify…

Kicking off with the title track, ‘I Feel Sick’ begins with a haunting ambience. Christened with the sounds leading to the dangerous plethora of force you are about to get hammered with. Dropping into a minimalistic roller after the cinematic intro gives this track a lot of dynamics. Excellent composition with the track progressing when it needs to will keep your ears locked for the entirety of the tune. Could see this one sitting on a DJ’s track list for some time. You will definitely not get sick of this one!

‘Who dunnit’ continues that cinematic intro theme, something I like personally and will say Spec is pulling off in an A-grade fashion. The suspense keeps you on the edge, hairs standing up with your interest. Then right when you need that release, you get it. Roaring reese basses coupled with what I would say are almost trap influenced synth leads. The pianos during the 2nd phrase really pull this track together. Above all else, I’d have to say the sound design on this was peng. Nothing but good things to say about this track. Solid rhythm, catchy synth lines, heavy bass. It’s all here! After a few listens, it will be engrained in your head who dun dis wan!

‘Wig’ is when I realized Spec was not fucking about. AGAIN he keeps the cinematic thematics going. Almost sci-fi for this one. The use of sound-effects over musical elements is a great touch to this songs intro. Moving forward, this track has an old school dubstep vibe to it with the bass sounds used. Fat square wave mid bass we all love really being the driving force of this track, but not the catch factor. There is one thing that bugged me about this track, and it’s not to down it, but I personally feel an MC over this would have taken it that extra step further than could have made this an anthem! None the less, fire. And after 2 halftime DNB tracks, the 140 switch up is a great return to my home pace! Give it the right time and place and thise will have the crowd wiggin!

Uprise audio is never a letdown, the man Edward ‘Seven’ does a good thing for the scene keeping this movement going and with the momentum he has the label on, I don’t see Uprise, Seven, or Spec going anywhere anytime soon.