Silent Motion presents: Inyoka and Korin Complex – Covenant EP

Silent Motion, A quickly burgeoning label has brought us another great release from two of the best producers in America’s underground. From Inyoka and Korin Complex, they present you the ‘Covenant ep’. I personally have been following these artist a bit and have to say they definitely stepped up their game on this release.

Off the plate we have Inyoka’s ‘Echidna’. Starts off slow bringing you into a rolling, sometimes pounding bassline. Inyoka displays his ability to keep a track minimal and still keep you attention. Found my self hypnotized by this one at times.

‘Annata’ from Korin complex is a bit of a head twist. Atmospheric intro in to harsh industrial sounds. Banging drums accompanied by this scary pad would make this tune great for setting the mood for your dj set.


Titans clash on the next track. ‘Covenant’ as the ep is named show a flex of both producers sound design skills. The catchy horn riff a horror film elements really do it for me as well, very cinematic. I don’t know who’s mid bass work that is but god damn, definitely my favourite track off this release.

You can pick this one up from Juno Downloads exclusively. Support the underground and do so.

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Silent Motion presents: Inyoka and Korin Complex - Covenant EP
Said and done, I would give this release a 7.5. It's good, great at that, but no ground work was made for the genre. However, for them as producers this is definitely  a step forward in my opinion and this is a release that should be considered by anyone into 140 sounds.
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