Uprise Audio Collective Vol 1 UALP006 Review

Uprise Audio, founded in 2012 by label head honcho and Dubstep producer Seven is know considered to be one of the leading labels in Dubstep. UALP006 represents what Uprise Audio is about perfectly, 12 tracks that fit together superbly, yet stand together on their own. Each track has been crafted brilliantly and has Sevens stamp of approval!

Starting strong with LSN already known for the lengthy suspenseful build ups in tracks like “Kepler”, the group brings another hair tingler. Growls and enchanting vocals trade spaces, giving a conversing element to this tune. The two sounds in harmony bring a perfect blend of the beauty and the beast!

Track two is Release by Indiji and continues the momentum with force. Heavy sub wobble christened with gritty mid bass, hitting you with shuddering percussion every second. I can see this hitting systems in the same way 40hz did, when it gets released.

Later in the album Spec switches it up. Bass sounds reminding me a bit of old school Joker but with a little UK grime grit to it. The stomping pattern keeps this track rolling hard. Will be a definite dance floor killer!

Feonix is always making some of my favourite tunes, before I even hit play I knew I was in for it. Explosive sounds of war pull you into a post industrial wasteland. This set me off, not in a bad way, I am just used to this guys more tribal sounds. It’s still there in undertones but over all his sounds have moved forward, altering old elements to create a new alterations of the old in a great way. Slamming rhythms keeps you stepping the whole time in this one. The man is keen on not letting you get bored, adding the switch ups when needed. A+ track. Favourite on the release for me personally!

Couldn’t do this without a few words about Bukez Finezt. This tune sounds like he’s been spending some time with Kahn. No complaints. Sub design on point.

C-sides and Talabun pick up the pace, raising the BPM to the 172 mark. Got my first taste of Talabun on Truths Hollow World LP. The guy hasn’t stopped since it seems. This track will keep the halftime heads happy.

Seven adds his touch to the compilation with ‘Get Down’. The sound design on this track is simply brilliant. The midrange bass arrangement is refreshingly on point, adding an exciting new element to the release. The fine production doesn’t stop short at the bass line though; the expertly crafted pads during the intro really emphasise the drop. Chief Seven has set new standards with this one.

Okay, Kloudmen and Rez we get it, you guys are the kings of sound design, and you like to murder us with sound. There is no stop to this track. Mid bass warps the mind. Literally feeling different parts of my body vibrate with this tune. Goes beyond the concepts of a song just being musical but being a physical experience. Big tune…

A-grade closes with an absolute sub destroyer. Thunderous is the word for it. Finishing the release in a way that almost feels like the ending credits. Theres a world sounds element to this track I really enjoy, will be rinsing this one for a while!

Theres still tunes from CoLateral, Juss B and more on this HUGE compilation but I’ll leave the rest of the conceptualizations to you own perceptions.

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Uprise Audio Collective Vol 1
12 tracks that fit together superbly, yet stand together on their own. 100% grab this release, you really do not want to miss out on it.
8Overall Score